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  • The Music Business is "Highly Competitive", and getting a foot in the door can be "Notoriously Difficult".

  • With this in mind you should "Never" under-estimate the power of a "Professional Demo".

  • If you don't hook your listener within the first 15 seconds of your music, chances are "They Won't" listen to the rest of your demo or just skip to the next song or cd.

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  • RnB and Hip Hop is a "Multi-Billion Dollar" a year business and there is always room for more artist IF YOU PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT!...So it is always important to lead with your BEST SONG!

  • "Your Demo" is your "FIRST" point of contact and your PR maker. It is your billboard which goes ahead of you to show the ôSkills You Have" and "Your Uniqueness" as well as what "You Can Do"!

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